About Us
President & Owner
Shawn Upton, the son, oversees all operations. He has worked and studied various aspects of the landscape industry for over ten years and continues to learn within the landscape and construction industries. He is here to answer all questions you may have.
Shawn Upton, the father, is the company mechanic for all vehicles and other equipment. Without his commitment to Upton, Inc. the company would not be where it is today.
Project Leader
Dominic Woolfrey is a lifelong student with degrees in Computer Science and Studio Art but the love of hard work and creating keeps him in the landscape industry. He built this site and is our IT expert.
Office Manager
Patty Volk, Shawn's mom, helps facilitate questions during office hours.
Our Customers
Our diverse clientele currently includes residential properties, estates, large high-traffic retail locations, 24 hour industrial sites, railroad stations, state agency properties, commercial areas, and condominiums. Also, other contractors, builders, landscape architects, electricians, plumbers, nurseries, and real estate agents.